At the moment when the epidemic is raging, many friends at home are waiting for the good news that the epidemic is under control, and waiting for the company to return to work. At the same time, being confined to the boring in the small room, while suffering from anxiety and various expenses and repayment, while thinking about the future in confusion. But there are always times when you are sitting and eating. Is there any sideline to make money online? Let me tell you about some of the money-making opportunities I know .

  1. Be a small handyman

Moving money is considered a cost-effective way to make money, and there are many ways to make money. For example: moving articles, moving videos, moving materials, moving goods! Moving foreign goods to China, domestic goods to foreign countries, and even cross-platform transportation.......

There are even batches, such as a large self-media recruiting small partners to work together, managing multiple platform accounts, and editing movies, TV shows or other content videos in batches.

Through editing, adding sound, domestic and foreign TV dramas and movies are transferred to the video platforms such as Douyin and b station. These moving works have a high broadcast volume. Once you have a fan base, you can receive advertisements and bring goods to make money.

To give a recent example, the "Three Kingdoms Version of Good Doctor" edited videos on almost all platforms on Douyin at the end of the year, and then the Japanese and Korean versions were released. If you are willing to follow the wind, you can directly download the video and re-edit the background music and narration. You can also connect to Taobao stores to sell goods. It can also be sold. Generally, a Douyin account with 100,000 fans can sell for more than 10,000.

  1. Do charge questions and answers

Literally, this job is to answer questions that Baidu knows and answer an article to give you a cash reward. If you want to earn more, there are two ways. One is to choose a team model when you move in, and then to develop your team members so that they answer questions and you will also benefit; the other is to make your own network. Be a "foreman" for publishing tasks such as stores. You can also do both together. Goku Q&A and Sesame Q&A can also make money.

  1. Make money by doing small tasks

Many platforms now publish small tasks to make money, such as Zhu Ba Jie, Time Wealth, and People Gang. Basically, you don’t need any skills, just have a mobile phone, such as forwarding a circle of friends, following an official account. But each order does not earn much, you can refer to the "foreman" method to do it.

  1. Self-media

We media has many platforms. You can choose to do it yourself or you can choose to be a content provider. You can write an article every day and publish it to various We media platforms. This will benefit you. There is no need to participate in those self-media trainings. The reason why there are so many courses is that this is also an opportunity to make money. After all, nowadays, I pay more for knowledge. And the content of the self-media you only need to use your heart, or you are good at it. For example, if you like basketball and football, you can write sports articles, if you like playing games, you can write about e-sports, and if you like animation, you can write two dimensions.

  1. Monetization of ability

The so-called skill is not overwhelming, the old saying is that there is a craft that will never die of starvation.

For example, you can program and make money by picking up tasks at the Programmer Inn, Cloud Walker, and Jiefang. These are remote working platforms for programmers, and the prices are very high! The price of each task is 500-1000, and it is still remote office.

If you have language expertise, you can also make money. You can make money by doing translation on websites such as Youdao Translation and Kuaiyi.

If you can draw and design, you can also make money online. Like the emoji maker on the WeChat platform, this one is very profitable. You can also do some designs on, and other websites to make money. These are very formal and very reliable.

6, do online shop

Many people may think that it is not profitable to do online shops now. In fact, it is not the case. The basis for online shops to make money is to choose products. Choose an unpopular category. Products with little competition and high profits, especially full-scale products. There are dozens of sellers on the Internet, and the market demand is large, so it is easy to make money, just a part-time job. I also wrote in detail about the article about doing online shops, which will definitely be helpful to everyone. Moreover, the cost is low, and the investment is small. Once successful, it will make more money than the main business. And this epidemic also let everyone know that online business will not be affected by these accidents.

These are basically the ways that you can make money on your home mobile phone, and each can make money, especially if you are doing transportation, online shops and the ability to realize more money. But the premise is that if you want to make money on a platform, you have to clarify the rules of the platform and read the official instructions carefully. As for the online training for fees, most of them are not necessary to participate. Do it yourself and insist on doing it more than anything else. powerful.

Suitable for work at home, you deserve it.

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