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  897. People need to understand that they become the “seller” in the contract when they trade an option. If the person who buys your option decides to hold it and the market moves in his or her favour, they can exercise the option contract and you will be obligated to pay |the difference between the stock (in this case index) and the strike price| times lot size times number of transactions. This kind of a situation is called infinite loss in option trading. Do not provide half information. Your maximum potential loss is not “just the premium”. If the market rises or falls too sharply (and against your favour), your losses CAN be extremely high should the holder of the option exercises it.

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    Ha sir abhi bahot sikhna hai

  1031. Amit Prajapat Amit Prajapat

    Yes sir or sikhna chahta he

  1032. SHUBAM Sharma YT SHUBAM Sharma YT

    80k ++ ka hota profit :joy::joy::fire:

  1033. Special Quotes Special Quotes

    79200 something jata bhiya

  1034. Nade God Gaming Nade God Gaming

    Ghntaa 1000 k 1 lakh.. Aaj 50000 laga k 10000 ka loss hua haii

  1035. Karan Sidhu Karan Sidhu

    yes sir sekhna v hae .. jitna b hae


    Sir options trading seekhni hai...

  1037. Dekhne walo dhiyaan se, option buyer 66% loss karte hai & koyi bhi successful trader option buy naa k barabar karta hai, mera 1 yr+ ka experience hai meine loss kiya tha starting में to bataa rahaa hu, baaki aap samajdaar to ho hi :thumbsup:
    Inshort- option buying is for losers, in long run

  1038. I want to learn options trading can you help me

  1039. Yes sir

  1040. Yes sir

  1041. Yes sar

  1042. Sir intraday or optional trading ki strategy or calculation sekha do:heart::heart:

  1043. Can i do from Nepal?

  1044. Seekhna hai bhai

  1045. 108000 sir g

  1046. Bank nifty option ke videos banao


    Want more videos about opinion treading!


    Good knowage for me

  1049. Suman das Suman das

    Yes. Sir

  1050. Sonu Sharma Sonu Sharma

    हमको ये नही समझ आरहा की जब आप को इतना पता है और कमा सकते हैं तो ये वीडियो क्यों बनाने मे मेहनत करते हैं???:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

  1051. Padmanabh L V Padmanabh L V

    My question is erosion?


    Option training karni chaye hame

  1053. Ruturaj Chavhan Ruturaj Chavhan

    Opation trading shikana hai

  1054. Pawan Kumar Pawan Kumar