Get Money Now
We’ve all been there. Whether it’s saving money for a trip, paying off a past-due student loan, renovating your home, footing the bill for car repairs –or under some form of lockdown from a massive global pandemic.

At one time or another, we all hit a wall. And there’s a million lists out there which offer suggestions for how to get money now –but a majority of them aren’t fast enough. “I need money” means I need it fast.

There will be limitations, like how fast money payments are made or how much effort is required. If you’re looking for relatively easy ways to make money quickly, this list includes solutions that will help you out when you need cash now –as in, within 24 – 48 hours, and others which may take 1-2 weeks to get paid.

All of these quick cash strategies will provide a realistic, doable working solution for people who need cash fast.

You never know when sh*t might hit the fan, so add this article to Pocket and save it for later! I’ll update it when I find new and easy ways to make fast cash now.

Keep an open mind and think beyond emergencies. Some of these suggestions are so easy you could make money during dead time like riding the bus, eating lunch, or in between rounds of Fortnite.

How to Get Money from Businesses in Other Countries
After beginners figure out how to make money online, a bank account in another country to collect incoming payments may be required in most situations for non-US citizens.

As a Canadian and Filipina duo, we both use Payoneer and Wise (formerly called Transferwise) to move money around and get paid from online income sources for little to no fee; Amazon pays me via a Payoneer US bank account, WorldNomads insurance pays me via a Wise Australian bank account. All accounts are linked to one card and my home bank in Canada, and currency conversion rates are, I think, the lowest possible.


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