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After this joke, the two strangers grew slightly closer to each other.

Lin Chang sighed emotively and said, “My little sister has always been the most stubborn among all the siblings. Even my dad can’t manage her. However, I heard that she is actually very well-behaved in your company and very down-to-earth; that really surprised me. Hence, I had specially made a trip to Jingzhou to see who on earth this Boss Pei is.”

Pei Qian was speechless. “…”

She was very well-behaved and down-to-earth?! I was almost duped by her!

Pei Qian wanted to diss so badly; however, he drank a sip of his coffee quietly as he decided not to respond to Lin Chang’s statement. He wanted the conversation to carry on.

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“It seems as if your father doesn’t want her to continue working in the game industry.” Pei Qian used a casual tone as he tested waters.

He wasn’t sure if Lin Chang had the same thinking as Lin Wan’s dad; he also wasn’t sure what the family situation was like for the Lins. By probing this way, he could know the situation better and find out more about Lin Chang’s thinking.

This way, when he sent Lin Wan away next time, he wouldn’t get into trouble.

Lin Chang was a little helpless as he replied, “I am also very conflicted about this.

“By right, Ah Wan’s actions now serve no purpose. If she is willing to take over the family business, she could definitely invest in and be in charge of her own games company. However, she is quite stubborn; she insists that she must personally be the game designer.

“If I reasoned this out, I am more inclined to support my father’s views. However, from an emotional and sentimental point of view, I understand Ah Wan’s choice.

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“After all… my dream back then had been to be a singer in a band. Come to think of it, I still have some regrets for not being adamant back then…”

Pei Qian’s lips twitched.

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Not bad, all four of you siblings have so many talents and hobbies!

From Lin Chang’s words, he was saying that he had wanted to chase his dreams; but he hadn’t been as stubborn as his father. Lin Chang had abandoned his dreams and returned to take over the family business and became the President of Shenhua Film and Media Co. Ltd.

Lin Chang drank his coffee and continued, “Actually, I feel that letting Ah Wan gain some experience and hone her skills is also a good thing.

“She is still young, and she still has time to squander. If she experiences more hardships, she would also be in a better position to take over the family business in the future.

“Hence, I hope that Boss Pei could take good care of Ah Wan.