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In my junior year I was elected editor-in-chief of the college paper, for which I received $10 a month and credits in English. During my senior year I was also editor and received $15 a month, the paper having been changed to a weekly.

One might think that, with being editor of the paper and assistant librarian, the remainder of my time would have to be devoted entirely to my studies; but far from it. The fact that I was devoting a portion of my time to earning my way gave me the best of training. I had my work down to a system, and when I studied, knowing just how much time I had, I learned to concentrate to such an extent that it was no trouble to study in a room when four or five people were carrying on a conversation. I did not take the minimum amount of work either, for at the beginning of my senior year I had just twenty-two credits to make and upon graduation had eleven credits too many. 192

I engaged in athletics heartily. I played on the basketball team, being captain one year and manager the next. For four years I was a member of the Young Women’s Christian Association Cabinet, the Mandolin and Glee Clubs, and took part in dramatics and other social activities. Besides, I devoted some of my time to Pi Beta Phi, of which I am a member.

I did not take library work with the intention of making it my vocation, but merely as a means of going through college, but there was an opening in the State Library and on July 1, 1913, I accepted the position of Assistant State Librarian in the State Law Library at Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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On June 12, 1913, I received the degree of B.A. I was nineteen years old, but I came out of college with developed ideas of how to go about making my own living in a manner which I could have gained in no other way.

To work my way had not injured my health, as I always took plenty of outdoor exercise, walking, skating, etc., and each summer was spent at home on the ranch, fishing, riding and camping in the mountains, besides working at home.

With parents and relatives making sacrifices and determined to give my sister and me the opportunity to gain a higher education, and with the encouragement of friends, I have attained, and my sister will attain next June, a college education.

It is worth the effort a thousand times. The spirit 193 of the University of Wyoming is greatly in favor of students helping themselves. The leaders in social life, athletics, and in every phase of the life of the University are wide-awake young men and women who are willing to help themselves.

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The men or women with a good education are being sought after in the business world to-day. To know that you have gained this education by yourself, makes you independent and places you on the road to success.

(Since writing the above Miss Wright stood a civil service examination for clerk-draftsman and passed fourth highest in the United States.—COMPILER.)

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Cheyenne, Wyo.