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She who had suffered so many humiliations in her life, she could notbear the idea of her son having his pride wounded, and being unableto indulge in those little trifling expenses which are the vanityof schoolboys.

"Here, take this," she would tell him on holidays, slipping a fewfrancs into his hands.

Unfortunately, to her present she joined the recommendation not toallow his father to know any thing about it; forgetting that she wasthus training Maxence to dissimulate, warping his natural sense ofright, and perverting his instincts:

No, she gave; and, to repair the gaps thus made in her treasure, sheworked to the point of ruining her sight, with such eager zeal, thatthe worthy shop-keeper of the Rue St. Denis asked her if she did notemploy working girls. In truth, the only help she received was fromGilberte, who, at the age of eight, already knew how to make herselfuseful.

And this is not all. For this son, in anticipation of growingexpenses, she stooped to expedients which formerly would have seemedto her unworthy and disgraceful. She robbed the household, cheatingon her own marketing. She went so far as to confide to her servant,and to make of the girl the accomplice of her operations. Sheapplied all her ingenuity to serve to M. Favoral dinners in whichthe excellence of the dressing concealed the want of solid substance.

And on Sunday, when she rendered her weekly accounts, it was withouta blush that she increased by a few centimes the price of each object,rejoicing when she had thus scraped a dozen francs,, and finding, tojustify herself to her own eyes, those sophisms which passion neverlacks.

At first Maxence was too young to wonder from what sources his motherdrew the money she lavished upon his schoolboy fancies. Sherecommended him to hide from his father: he did so, and thought itperfectly natural.

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As he grew older, he learned to discern.

The moment came when he opened his eyes upon the system under whichthe paternal household was managed. He noticed there that anxiouseconomy which seems to betray want, and the acrimonious discussionswhich arose upon the inconsiderate use of a twenty-franc-piece. Hesaw his mother realize miracles of industry to conceal the shabbinessof her toilets, and resort to the most skillful diplomacy when shewished to purchase a dress for Gilberte.

And, despite all this, he had at his disposition as much money asthose of his comrades whose parents had the reputation to be themost opulent and the most generous.

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Anxious, he questioned his mother.

"Eh what does it matter?" she answered, blushingand confused. "Is that any thing to worry you?"And, as he insisted,"Go ahead," she said: "we are rich enough." But he could hardlybelieve her, accustomed as he was to hear every one talk of poverty;and, as he fixed upon her his great astonished eyes,"Yes," she resumed, with an imprudence which fatally was to bear itsfruits, "we are rich; and, if we live as you see, it is because itsuits your father, who wishes to amass a still greater fortune."This was hardly an answer; and yet Maxence asked no further question.

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But he inquired here and there, with that patient shrewdness of youngpeople possessed with a fixed idea.

Already, at this time, M. Favoral had in the neighborhood, and everamong his friends, the reputation to be worth at least a million.

The Mutual Credit Society had considerably developed itself: he must,they thought, have benefitted largely by the circumstance; and theprofits must have swelled rapidly in the hands of so able, a man,and one so noted for his rigid economy.